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NHS dentist during tooth fall our

  February 13, 2017

What the NHS Dentist Does When Tooth Fillings Fall Out

A hole in the teeth can be uncomfortable and be the reason of discomfort. Fillings can be used to correct this situation. Generally, it falls out due to the pressure because of chewing something hard. It can occur due to infected tooth or loose bonding. A regular dental appointment can help in defending the tooth filling from falling out. A NHS dentist can monitor if the tooth has been infected or alert you before the filling comes out. You can find many reputed NHS dental care in north London or elsewhere that can be accessed for such cases.


Regular dental checkups with a NHS (National Health Services) dentist, proper oral hygiene, brushing and flossing cannot guarantee that the filling in your tooth will remain forever. It might just get cracked or fall out suddenly. Dental fillings can get weakened over time due to the following reasons:


  • Tooth decay and infection of tooth
  • Chewing hard food items
  • Teeth grinding and jaw clenching frequently
  • Injury, trauma or accidents during any sport activity

However, these reasons should not stop you from taking proper care of your teeth and dental fillings.


Dental care can help in detecting any problems with the fillings. The NHS dentists in Watford or elsewhere can identify uneven wear or open margins before you experience any such kind of situation. These visits can also help in diminishing bacteria and plaque formation in the teeth and give rise to a good oral health.


Decay along the margin can be restored with the help of fillings but it has a breaking point and will eventually need to be replaced. No filling or procedure is going to last for the entire lifetime. However, if with proper care like regular brushing, flossing and going for annual dental checkups with a NHS dentist can help in lengthening the replacement time.

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What to do if dental filling falls out

Here are some tips that can be followed in case the filling comes out of your teeth all of a sudden.


  • Try to manage pain: There are some who feel no pain when their filling falls out of their teeth. However, the ones who are not as lucky as them have to go through discomfort and pain all over again. You can take some medication prescribed by any Watford NHS dentist to counter the pain. Apply clove oil over the affected tooth and gums to numb the area and get rid of the pain.
  • Clean your teeth: The first step is to brush and rinse your teeth with lukewarm water to make sure that there are no germs or bacteria inside it.
  • Call up your dentist: Contact a NHS dentist to determine the best treatment suitable for your condition. If the filling fell out due to further decay he or she will be able to remove the defected parts and replace it.

In case of an emergency most of the people have one single question, “Are there any NHS dentist near me?” To find the answer to this question you can go online, as most of the clinics have online presence. You can check the clinics that are close by and select it based on the reviews by other patients.

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