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manage some common dental emergencies

  May 22, 2017

Tips for Manage Some Common Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are situations showing up untimely which needs to be looked upon immediately by a professional. You must know how to deal with such conditions before you reach the emergency dentist. The most common situations of oral urgency involves a knocked out tooth, mouth injury, fractured tooth, chipped or broken tooth, wisdom tooth pain, and some more. There are various dental practices in Watford where you can get immediate oral assistance from highly experienced professionals. In this blog, we have discussed some tips to manage sudden tooth emergencies. Keep reading!


  • When a tooth is knocked out

The first thing you must do immediately after an emergency is to call your nearest emergency dentist. Then comes “self-help”, pick the knocked out or avulsed tooth by its crown, not the tooth root. You might damage the nerve cells by touching the root. Clean it removing any dirt with water. Try fixing it back into the tooth socket to keep it moist. If this isn’t possible on your part, keep it in a container of milk wrapped in a clean cloth. Take the avulsed tooth to your dentist. If you couldn’t reach the emergency dental clinic within 30 minutes, try placing it into the socket again. Place it and press firmly to fix it loosely until you reach your oral expert.

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  • When a tooth is cracked or fractured

After you have made an instant call to the closest emergency oral centre, rinse your mouth with warm water and try reducing swelling and pain using a cold compress or ice pack for at least 20 minutes. In case of severe pain, you can take painkillers such as ibuprofin, but not aspirin. For minor cracks or fracture, it can be smoothened down easily. On the contrary, you will need a dental cap for major tooth fracture. Take care of your tooth for the next few days. If the loss is huge, it may damage your enamel or even tooth root and pulp.


  • When pain in the wisdom tooth

Eruption of wisdom tooth, which will bring a phase in your life when you would often need to search, “24 hours emergency dentist near me” on Google. Yes, the last set of molars to form might even result in high fever and severe tooth pain during formation. Excessive problem might lead to incomplete formation of wisdom tooth. You will suffer from acute pain and stiffness in the surrounding jaw and area of wisdom tooth. Sometimes, partial tooth eruption leads to oral infection spread to the gum tissue underneath. In case there is less room for the wisdom tooth, chances are high of cavities or decay and crowding. Most of the times, the solution is wisdom tooth extraction performed under sedation.


Next time when you find yourself in the above-mentioned situations, visit a centre of dental emergency in UK for immediate assistance. You are welcome to meet our emergency oral practitioners at Market Street Dental Practice in Watford to solve your unexpected tooth conditions.

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