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Teeth Whitening Before Crowns

  May 27, 2016


We know that there are a lot of advantages of having a professional dental practice and we know too that your new bright white smile will give you new confidence and a spring in your step. However, often when people come to us at Market Street Dental Practice for professional teeth whitening they often ask about when the finest time is to have that tooth whiten treatment is. Teeth whitening procedures are often undertaken when brace wearing ends, but they can also be used with several other dental treatments like crowns.

Dental crowns explained.

If a tooth is unsightly or damaged, then a crown will often be used to repair it. The crown works by covering up the whole tooth to improve things like the appearance or the shape of the tooth. Crowns are also used to top a dental implant. Crowns that are tooth coloured are also a good way of covering up an unsightly filling and will produce an excellent restoration for the patient who has suffered with many of these dental issues.  


Sometimes the problem for a patient is that their crown might be whiter than their own teeth and that makes the teeth look mismatched. They often ask what they can do to get their own teeth to match the whiteness of the new crown.

So what can they do?

One solution is to whiten the teeth so that they can be brought up to the white shade of the crown. Of course it is not necessary to have your teeth whitened before a crown is fitted but as a cosmetic dentist we think that having teeth whitened to achieve colour uniformity will make the most of your new smile. Tooth whitening done before crowns are fitted will give a flawless and bright white smile to be proud of.

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Will it be safe to whiten teeth before crown fitting?

The answer to this is yes. However, it is best to steer clear of anything cheap or over the counter that might produce patchy results. In this situation as there will be no substitute for professional tooth whitening. At the very least you should always tell your dentist if you are preparing to use an over the counter product so that you can benefit from his advice about whitening teeth.


If you think that you would like to have teeth whitening treatment before you have your crowns fitted then it is greast to leave about one month between the two.


If you would like to book an appointment for your professional teeth whitening in Watford. Then contact our dental clinic at Market Street Dental Practice.

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