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  I only just had my tooth Implant base fitted yesterday. So it is early days yet. But I can say that the procedure was carried out professionally and with good knowledge and information passed on to me by Dr Darius, which kept me from worrying too much, throughout the process and preparations.
Without doubt most of us will find dental work scary but I can say that the procedure itself was painless as is the healing so far. Already, back on solid food and reducing the pain killers by the next day.
The above indicates good prospect for the total healing, fitting of the crown and longevity of the implant, all of which I look forward too     

  OMG! I can't believe I've actually found a decent dentists, I'm 50yrs old and after having one traumatic experience after another i have been left absolutely petrified of dentists, I also have a number of health conditions that mean I can't lie flat, cant have my mouth clamped open etc, but with rotting teeth i desperately needed to see someone. Dr Parmar, is the best dentist I have ever seen . She not only listened to me list off my health conditions and how terrified I was , she actually hears too and does everything to put you at ease.The first time I saw her I had to have two teeth extracted, it was so painless i thought she'd stopped to get some other instruments or something I didn't even realise she'd actually taken them out . After years of so much trauma I could've cried at finally finding a dentist who genuinely seems to care about her patients, has a wonderful bedside manner,but also fantastic dental skills that i've never experienced before. From the dentist, hygienist and reception staff I really can't stop praising this dental surgery & the team enough, and my mother is so impressed by my reaction that she said she is going to come with me next time to sign up herself.     

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