dentistry has made unbelievable improvements and is capable to deliver expected results within specific time periods. In thisModern  circumstance, an increasing number of people in London are eagerly undergoing various orthodontic treatments to improve their smiles and overall appearances. As such, modern orthodontics caters to the needs of both adults and children. These treatment procedures are not only effective in delivering satisfactory results, but also absolutely safe and free from unwanted side-effects.


Read on to know more about treatments and other related information linked to this specialised branch of dentistry.

Best Age To Undergo The Treatment

According to reputed orthodontists in Watford, childhood is the ideal time to undergo the range of treatments. However, revolutionary advancements in modern dentistry make it possible for adults to avail these successful treatments. You can even avail short-term treatments that deliver faster results. However, some people mistakenly consider it to be only related to teeth straightening procedures. As such, successful orthodontic therapies not only improve your teeth appearance, but also contribute sufficiently to make your teeth, gums and jaws healthier. When your teeth are not properly aligned, the condition strains your jaw muscles. As a result, you are likely to experience problems in your jaw joints. In extreme conditions, it may even lead to severe headaches.

Modern Treatment Procedure

The most crucial elements in modern orthodontics are primary check-ups and assessment. These early phases of your treatment help your dentist to draw up a blueprint to resolve your specific problem. Qualified professionals providing their dependable service at Market Street Dental Practice, make extensive use of cutting-edge technology to ensure greater value of money for their patients. As such, their treatment starts with taking X-rays of your mouth. At the next level, the professionals meticulously prepare plaster models of your molars. Before starting the proper treatment, these professionals are also known to explain the pros and cons of every case to the respective patient.

Application Of Braces

Modern orthodontics depends largely on braces to deliver expected results. As such, there are varieties of braces available for your teeth.  Some of the popular varieties include the following:


  • Functional braces – This variety of orthodontic tool performs its work by using the power of your jaw muscles. This variety of braces uses gentle pressure to move your teeth.
  • Removable braces – This range of the tool is basically a plate that is attached to your teeth. Professionals associated with Watford orthodontic practice assure that you can take it out at your convenience for proper cleansing.
  • Fixed braces – Unlike the other varieties, fixed braces come with bands and brackets. It also includes a flexible wire that not only joins all the brackets, but also helps in moving your teeth. These braces are mostly made of plastic and ceramics.
  • Invisible braces – These are made from transparent plastic moulds and are more popularly referred to as aligners. A number of such aligner sets are made for each patient and each set is replaced after wearing for about two weeks.

Proper treatment by an experienced dentist can easily cure you from the common dental conditions mentioned above. If you neglect the problems at the initial stages, they will only turn more complex in course of time and make you suffer more. In extreme cases, you may also lose your precious teeth to these diseases. So, it is better to take proper measures at the right time to stay safer and healthier.


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