DENTIST watfordA recent report by Mickaela Olson writing in RDH, has said that partial and full-denture patients can benefit greatly from professional cleaning of their removable dentures during a hygiene session.

The Advantages Of Professional Cleaning Of A Removable Partial Or Full Denture Is The Chance Of:

  • Restoring the appearance of a denture
  • Examination will reveal and areas of the denture that may need to be modified
  • Reduction of microbial build-up on removable dental appliances


The report also says that this attention to the denture will provide a chance to ensure that the patient knows the best practices for caring for a removal denture at home.


When professionally cleaning a removable denture, it is important to prevent cross-contamination by using sterilised containers. A cleaning solution that does not damage the appliance but that is also effective in removing stains, deposits and microbes are the best one to use.


Denture materials vary, and it is important to know exactly what materials are in the denture before cleaning. Denture acrylics and conventional chrome-cobalt, gold, and titanium will respond well to most commonly used denture-cleaning materials. Some metal alloys used in removable partial denture frames may also have components that react negatively to some denture cleansing solutions.


Cleanser is not recommended for metal frames that have high nickel content and only one minute per soak should be used for them or for dentures containing soft liners. It is important to know what you are wearing so that you can maintain your appliances correctly and keep you smiling!


The trauma of losing natural teeth can be considerable and making sure that dentures are well cared for and effective can be an enormous help in getting used to having lost a tooth or teeth.


Visit, our experienced dentist will definitely assist you about longevity and comfort of denture.


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