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Foods for dental implants surgery

  April 17, 2017

Foods for Eat After Dental Implants Surgery

A dental implant is one of the latest wonders of modern dentistry. It is the best practical solution to the problem of tooth loss and is used to support one or more false tooth or teeth. A screw, made of biocompatible substance like titanium is used to replace the tooth root. It is drilled into the jawbone and a supporting crown is placed over it. The treatment is effective to restore the lost charm to your smile resulting from teeth loss.

In order to ensure a fast, comfortable and complications-free recovery after a dental implants surgery, you should be a little selective with your diet for a few days.

Know what should you eat after dental implants surgery:

  • On the day of the clinical procedure: On the day of the oral surgery, it is better to restrict yourself to a liquid diet, like milkshakes and smoothies. But, make sure not to use a straw, as sucking may lead to heavy bleeding from the treatment site. It is also better to avoid soda drinks or having hot beverages like tea or coffee. Try having juices, milk, broth, protein shakes and even meal replacement shakes instead of going through your normal diet throughout the day.
  • Diet for the following few days: To avoid any unwanted complication, it is better to try out the following foods after a dental implant: yogurt, pudding, oatmeal, custard, mashed potato, ice cream, cottage cheese, applesauce and others.
  • Foods that dentists suggest: Dental implant surgeons in Watford suggest to follow a diet of soft, easily chewable foods during the first two weeks following the treatment. It is important to avoid soft foods like quinoa and rice that may get lodged in the treated area. Live on scrambled eggs, soups, broiled or baked fish, pasta, steamed vegetables and tofu. Include the following fruits to your diet after undergoing dental implants therapy: mangoes, bananas, pears and peaches, whereas avoid strawberries and raspberries.
  • For diabetics: Dental Implants experts of Market Street Dental Practice suggests to follow a strict diet for a couple of weeks following the ultra-modern oral cosmetic treatment. Following a changed diet for about a fortnight is definitely a tough job. But, you should maintain it to facilitate a smooth and hassle-free recovery. Do not skip meals during the recovery phase. Specially, if you’re a diabetic, consult your dental expert for particular dietary recommendations.

Oral implants is the best alternative to overcome your natural tooth loss. Boost your self-confidence by replacing your missing teeth by this modern, safe and helpful treatment procedure. Results of this treatment last lifelong, providing you with the true value for your money.

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