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Finding a suitable dentist for your child requires time and research, but the end results are definitely worth it. Making regular trips to the dentist from a young age encourages lifelong dental health in children. If you’re searching for a Watford NHS dentist for your child, Market Street Dental Practice provides a friendly and comfortable service for children. Get in touch to book an appointment today!


  • Tip 1: Ask around

Get recommendations from your friends and family; they will provide you with honest opinions and give you an idea of their first-hand experience. If possible, you could even get opinions from the parents of your child’s classmates at school. Alternatively, check out online reviews of children’s dentists in your area to get a general idea of the service they provide.


  • Tip 2: Look for an NHS dentist

If it’s important that your child receives free dental treatment, focus on looking for dentists near you that are registered with the NHS. Our Watford dental practice is NHS registered, so you can rest assured we provide free treatment for children under 18.


  • Tip 3: Get proof of certification

Search online or simply phone up prospective dentists to ask them about their certification. Practicing UK dentists must be licensed. You may also need to ask about specific skills and qualifications. If your child needs specialised care, your chosen dentist must be able to provide the treatment required.


  • Tip 4: Consider the location

Travelling a little further to visit a reputable dentist is a good idea if you have to make only a few trips. However, if you have several children and regularly need to take them to different appointments, you may want to save yourself some hassle and consider a dentist in a more convenient location.


  • Tip 5: Get a feel for the atmosphere

Visiting the dentist can be an overwhelming and stressful time for a child. It’s important that your chosen dental practice is warm and welcoming, so your child feels at ease. Are the walls brightly painted? Are the staff happy and smiling? Are there toys and games in the waiting room? The more relaxed your child feels in the waiting room, the smoother the dental appointment will go.


  • Tip 6: Find out about policies

It’s common for different dental practices to have different policies. For example, some dentists may like the parent to be present during the child’s check-up, whereas others may need the parent to remain outside in the waiting room. Take a look at the dentist’s policies to see if they gel with your priorities.


  • Tip 7: Make a trial visit

Book an appointment for your child at your chosen practice. Pay attention to the service given by the dentist and staff. If you’re not quite happy, simply try out another dentist. Finding a good dentist is vital to your child’s dental health, so be sure to pick a friendly and informative dentist who puts your child at ease and creates an overall enjoyable experience.


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