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If you are having dental problems and need urgent attention, our emergency dentist serve patients in all North London areas including: Watford and neighbouring areas like Hertfordshire, including; St Albans, Northwood, Edgware and Uxbridge. We are aware of all the stress and the inconveniences caused as a result of dental emergencies, and hence, have an emergency system implemented which promises to see you on the same day if you call on the day, and the following working day after the office hours. During your emergency appointment, you are first relieved from your pain (if in pain), and an effective emergency dental treatment plan is drawn.

What Is Considered As A Dental Emergency?

What you should do during dental emergency

Give us a call or email in the morning itself, so that we can fix an appointment on the same day itself with an emergency dentist in Hertfordshire, North London.

When you have a toothache

Constant pain indicates that there is something obviously wrong with your tooth, which demands immediate attention. If you are suitable with painkillers, then Ibuprofen is recommended. Otherwise there is Paracetamol. In any case, remember not to exceed the maximum dose.

For swellings

Swelling is usually considered to be a work of infection, for which you will need proper treatment and antibiotics. Please contact a 24 hour emergency dentist in North London as early as possible.

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A fractured tooth

A cracked tooth can be taken care of easily, so there is no need to worry. Just avert chewing or biting at the particular side. Also, it is better if you avoid extreme hot or cold food items and beverages at this time. To protect the tooth and the nerves inside from further damage, it is advisable that you get yourself an appointment with an emergency dentist in Hertfordshire as early as possible. Till then you can soothe the discomfort with painkillers.

When you lose a crown

It is better to keep the crown safe, to that it can be re-cemented. When the tooth underneath causes pain, do not eat near it and drink warm water.
Averting the need to take proper care of the damaged crown will lead to additional damage, where at adverse condition you may require root canal treatment.

A permanent tooth getting knocked out

The knocked out tooth requires to be implanted back as soon as possible. See if you can place the tooth back to its place and bite down on it. Do not try to rinse the tooth under running tap; better place it inside cold milk or between your cheek and jaw until you undergo an emergency dental treatment in North London or visit any local emergency dental department. Avoid meddling with the tooth root, so that the fibers remain intact.

Till 6 years of age, children are considered to have baby teeth. Hence, if your child during these years gets a tooth out, there is no need to implant it all over again. Expert advice is highly recommended for your child.

For broken denture

Broken dentures can be taken care of rather comfortably. Never make an attempt to glue them back yourself, it will make actual medical repair difficult to be carried on later. Instead call the practice to get the repair work done.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please call us on 01923224225 to book your urgent dental appointment. If you call during our office hours, we promise to see you on the same day and resolve your discomfort. The moment you come across an oral emergency you think, "How to find an emergency dentist near me?" Therefore, we kindly ask all our patients to call us as soon as they feel the mentioned symptoms to be able to be seen in the shortest time possible.

Why choose Market Street Dental Practice as your emergency dentist?

  • Professional and experienced dentists
  • Fast pain relief by use of wide selection of aesthetics
  • Same day appointments
  • Effective and detailed treatment planning

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