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Dental Implants Cost

It is important that every patient has a face to face consultation with one of our dentists before receiving any treatment. In all cases we provide a full written treatment plan showing costs at each stage.

Consultation £50 This takes about 1 hour and we thoroughly go through all the treatment options.
Implant each £850 It is not always necessary to use an Implant for every missing tooth – see bridges below
Abutment From £200 This is the component that links the Implant with the crown, bridge etc.

From £399 This is the part that is visible, the actual “tooth”. We tend to use all porcelain crowns on front teeth as they look better and porcelain bonded to metal on back teeth.
Superior Bridge (per tooth)
(Premier Bridge also available)
From £399 Where several teeth are missing in a row then two or more Implants can support a row of “teeth” which are linked together, the cost shown is per tooth.
Over Dentures From £399 Implants can be used to support dentures with a series of press stud type attachments to hold the denture securely. Generally this requires 4 Implants in the upper and 2 in the lower with denture abutments on each.
Over denture Abutment From £200 This is the cost of the press stud type attachment.
Bone grafting From £325 This is used if the patient requires additional bone.
CT Scans From £110 Taken as required

Thus an idea of the cost can be gained by adding up the parts, like so;

Single Implant from

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Implant £1000


Abutment £400


Crown £450

Total: £1850

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The Price for Dental Implants starts from £1850 at Market Street Dental Practice

Market Street Dental Practice is amongst the leading dental practices in London. Our dedicated and experienced team of implantologistsoffer quality treatments to the patients by using the latest materials and equipment. We provide effective treatment solutions to all patients at an affordable rate.

The cost of the treatment includescomplete treatment plan without any hidden charges, alternatively there is finance available at reasonable rates.

Though the cost for tooth implants can be provided after a thorough assessment, our dentists will help you to understand possible treatment options and the price for each of them. Also, you can always give us a call on the numbers provided to get detailed information on implants cost and other treatments. Feel free to drop us an email for an estimated treatment cost or spend your valuable time in completing the online form.

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