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Dental bone loss

  October 24, 2017

Causes and Consequences Associated with Bone Loss

Most people think that a dentist is only concerned about your teeth and they aren’t much bothered about different kinds of oral diseases that can occur anytime. You might come across several blogs where it has been explained how dental experts take care of your oral health and help you prevent gum disease. The quality and quantity of jaw bone can have deep impact on your mouth condition and may restrict different options available for teeth replacement.


If you are suffering from lost or missing teeth, it is suggested to talk to dental surgeons who can help you with affordable dental implants in London and improve your overall appearance. Read on to know in details about the causes, consequences and solutions for bone loss.

Causes of bone loss

Several factors can be the reason for reduction in the quality and quantity of jawbone. Amongst them, the most common is tooth loss. When a tooth gets extracted or has fallen out, the bone does not play the role in keeping teeth secure in its position. However, the quantity of jawbone will begin to decrease when muscle atrophies are not used.


Another cause of bone loss is if gum disease is not treated at the early stage and allowed to advance further. This might lead to periodontal disease or periodontitis. This will have bad impact on the gums however, it will work its way to the tooth root and affect the bone where teeth are held.


Other factors that might be the reason for bone loss are taking some medications with side effects like steroids for a long time. It is advised that you visit a reputed dental practice in Watford where the dentists provide the right medicines for treating your oral complications.

Consequences of bone loss

Apart from the pain and discomfort that periodontal disease might cause, the reduction in bone loss may enable the teeth to function loose thus, reaching the stage when they are held by fleshy gums. It is advised that you bite and chew as less as possible otherwise, these teeth may fall out in due course.


When a tooth is lost with bone loss, this might have adverse effect inside your mouth. In cases where you do not have more than one tooth, this may cause change on your facial appearance making you look aged. People who wear dentures might mean that it did not fit properly and moved around in the mouth.

Effective solutions for this problem

It is important that you brush teeth two times a day and floss daily in order to keep your teeth and gums stronger and healthy. This will enable you to prevent gum disease and bone loss. You need to see your dentist for thorough checkups and mouth cleanings to stay away from oral issues. When a tooth gets lost, patients consider replacing it with dental implant. The artificial tooth is a great way to replace the natural ones and keep the bone secured.


Thus, if you find that there is already bone loss, it is yet possible to go for dental implants treatment in London from the oral care surgeons at Market Street Dental practice. However if it is a significant loss, you might have to perform bone grafting before the procedure. This will help you to build strong foundation where implant can be placed by replacing your missing teeth successfully.

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