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Dr Darius Sair is a dental surgeon of Market Street Dental Practice. He takes keen interest in helping anxious and nervous patients with conscious sedation to achieve the best oral care possible. Sometimes, the only option you have is to get your tooth extracted despite every effort for saving it. Dr. Darius Sair will tell you the reason why you need to perform this procedure, how it should be done and what is the recovery method involved. Wisdom teeth or the backmost molars are quite difficult to get them removed.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

These are the third molars at the back of the mouth that usually erupt during adolescence. If a person has a bigger jaw, there is sufficient space for these teeth to grow and function. However, there are times when wisdom teeth cause severe pain and infection to the teenagers as they do not have adequate room for developing. Besides, this kind of teeth develops at an angle or become impacted in bone or gums. According to experienced doctors, wisdom teeth can help in correcting orthodontic problems. Make sure you are aware about wisdom teeth facts before consulting with your dentist to perform any treatment.

Reasons For Tooth Extraction In Watford

With proper oral examination and digital X-rays of your mouth, Dr. Darius Sair can tell you when you need to extract a tooth. Check out some reasons for extracting tooth, apart from wisdom teeth extraction in Watford:

  • Tooth fracture due to serious dental injury
  • Impact of wisdom teeth in bone or gum tissue
  • Baby teeth crowding over the permanent teeth
  • Dental abscess that cannot be treated with root canal
  • Problem of tooth decay
  • Periodontitis or gum disease
  • Fitting dentures for failing teeth
  • Advancement of orthodontic treatment for crowded teeth

Dr. Darius Sair and his team make the patient feel relaxed and comfortable with local anesthesia or other medications at the time of extraction.

Types Of Tooth Extraction

Some tooth extractions can be more difficult when compared to others. During a initial consultation, Dr. Darius Sair finds out the most suitable way  to get tooth extracted by considering the comfort and convenience of patients. Usually, there are two kinds of tooth extractions and these are:

  • Simple extraction – The method involves a dental instrument known as an elevator and local anesthesia is needed to numb the area. With the elevator, our experienced doctor rocks the tooth back and forth for loosening it. He will then grasp the tooth with l forceps and pull it back from the socket.
  • Surgical extraction – You will need local anesthesia, nitrous oxide or other sedation for making the patient feel relaxed and comfortable. The dentist might remove tooth in small pieces after incising the gums.

Are you worried about wisdom tooth or some kind of discomfort at the back of your mouth? Contact Market Street Dental Practice today and visit here to get more tips about dental health. Dr. Darius Sair will choose the right treatment for the teeth and enable your mouth to function properly.


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