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Suffering from missing or lost teeth? Is this the reason why you feel ashamed to smile in public? Well, if answered yes, then you can go for all on 4 implants treatment to solve your problem. Are you amongst those individuals who want to get the treatment done quickly or do not want to wear dentures? You may choose all on 4 implants treatment, which is a suitable and affordable solution offering patients with fixed full-arch prosthesis at the time of surgery.

Right Candidate For All On 4 Implants Or Teeth In A Day

  • Patients who suffer from low self-confidence due to improperly fitting or loose dentures at the time of easting or speaking
  • Patients who do not like to wear dentures or have failing bridge
  • Patients who are suffering from loose teeth due to gum disease
  • Individuals who want to have fixed teeth with proper treatment
  • People who enjoy all kinds of food but have been restricted to certain food items
  • People who are advised to undergo bone augmentation however, all on 4 implants can reduce the need for performing bone augmentation.

Some Features Of All-On-4 Treatment

  • Full-arch rehabilitation having four implants at the most
  • Two straight anterior implants and two implants that are tilted at 45º in the posterior
  • Immediate functioning for fixed bridge
  • Bone grafting is prevented by tilting posterior implants
  • Graftless method

Reason For Choosing The Treatment

  • It is an effective solution for replacing lost or missing teeth problem
  • Like other full arch solutions, there are titanium screws or four implants used. This is somewhat similar to 6, 8 or even 10 fixtures that might be used for other implant procedures.
  • Your teeth can get replaced within one day

All On 4 Implants Or Teeth In A Day

  • All on 4 dental implants or say, Teeth in a day means you can solve the problem of missing teeth at the same day, have the teeth and restore your smile.
  • This kind of treatment helps in replacing a complete arch or both arches of lost or missing teeth with fixed bridges that are attached to implant in a single visit at a reputed dental practice.
  • It provides patients with either a full arch or both arches for fixed replacement teeth
  • It is particularly for the patients who either have no teeth or suffering from failing teeth.
  • Since the bridge is fixed, patients are completely free from dentures during surgery.
  • The remaining teeth are being extracted and four to six implants are placed. At the same time bone augmentation is performed at the time of surgery.
  • A laboratory technician gets accustomed to temporary bridge and the clinician fixes it to supporting implants.
  • The metal bridge is fitted finally after 4 to 6 months thus, enabling the implants to get fused with the bone.

You may visit Market Street Dental Practice in London where our dental surgeons will help with all on 4 dental implantsto overcome your lost or missing teeth problem.


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