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Have the thought of using fillers like Retsylane or Jevuderm on the lips and cheeks left you feeling dissatisfied? Then you should consider the more widely accepted and superior dermal fillers. Health care professionals will treat the areas carefully and use injectable fillers from ear lobes to the feet. Read on to know about some uses of dermal fillers.


1. Earlobe rejuvenation – With age, there are signs of skin damage and loss of volume. Your earlobes are not at all an exception in this regard.  Several patients are addressing this problem with injectable fillers thus, rejuvenating the lobes in a long lasting and safer way. Small earlobes can be enhanced with fillers, thus giving a rounder look by increasing the outer part of the lobule. Depending on the type of filler used, the treatment may last a year or more and will not impact the ability of a patient to wear earrings.


2. Dermal fillers for hollow temples – Hollowing temples are another sign of aging, yet this area is often overlooked at the time of cosmetic procedure. As we become old, the bones around the temple area become more visible and can give you unhealthy look. Two kinds of fillers are used by doctors enhance this specific area: hyaluronic acid fillers (like Juvederm) and poly-lactic acid fillers (like Sculptra).


Hyaluronic acid fillers consist of a newer treatment with several durations, thicknesses and uses. Poly-lactic acid fillers work by inciting the growth of collagen through different treatments over a time span of several months that may last for 2 years before reducing finally.


3. Non-surgical chin enhancement – Strong chins make you look healthy and young. Before dermal fillers, chin enhancement with implants were considered to be the suitable option for patients. However, implants are of one size that fits all options and can be adjusted according to then facial appearance and needs of patients. Some commonly used filler for chin augmentation are – Juvederm, Sculptra, Radiesse, Restylane, Voluma and Vellafill.


4. Lines around the neck – Neck wrinkles usually occur due to age, however this is a normal feature of a healthy person. Many dermatologists have been trained in neck filling however, great caution should be there when evaluating the expertise of the provider and discussing about the treatment. There are no complications that may arise and be sure to ask your provider everything before performing the procedure.


5. Dermal filler for acne – Usually, patients need to perform various treatments, however the results can be life-changing for the ones who suffer from acne. The results can be seen after the first session and patients can see improvement within a year after the treatment is done. This treatment for acne is performed for patients who have moderate to severe scars and are 21 years old.


6. Hand rejuvenation fillers – Radiesse is common hand rejuvenation filler. This calcium-based gel filler corrects volume loss and covers visible tendons and veins that make your hands look more aged. It is important to contact a trained provider for injecting the affected area as there can be several bad affects that might take place if injected in the wrong way.


Apart from the ones discussed above, you may visit a reputed dermal fillers clinic in Watford, London to undergo the treatment from experienced hands only. This way, you can fill in the facial wrinkles, skin ageing and improve your overall appearance.


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