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Everything you eat enters your mouth and gets broken down in smaller fragments before reaching the stomach. So it is very important to maintain a healthy dentition to ensure an attractive smile and overall wellbeing. You may consult with your dentists in and around London who will take care of your dental problems.

Some Simple Ways For Attractive Smile

The Need To Brush Regularly And Correctly

Brushing your teeth daily is the fundamental weapon of dental hygiene. It helps to clean away the food stuck in your teeth, on which the bacteria will feed to produce acid. The acid will eventually eat away your tooth enamel causing demineralisation. Fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash are great alternatives to fortify the weakened tooth enamel. If you have dull and discolored teeth that couldn’t be corrected with brushing, you can seek for teeth whitening tips from an experienced dental hygienist.

Few Others Things To Think About

  • It is wise to brush your teeth twice daily. Choose brush with soft bristles, so that it does not scrub away your gentle gum lines and it should have a small head, to reach the sideways. Continue to brush gently for a minimum duration of two minutes.
  • Toothpastes claiming to whiten your teeth and fight tartar can degrade the quality of your tooth enamel. Therefore, if you decide to use them, it is better to do so for a short tenure.

Flossing Regularly Helps Massively

Floss with its easygoing structure can reach the most challenging areas to avert chances of gum infection. For a proper dental care in Watford, consult your dentist who will advise you to floss twice a day. In case you are unable to do, floss your teeth before going to sleep.


The emphasis on doing so is because less saliva is created while you are asleep; whereas, saliva helps neutralize the effect of acid produced by bacteria inside your mouth.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Food items and beverages, which are rich in sugar, starch and sticky in nature should be avoided. Alcohol, sour candies, tomatoes etc are acidic in nature and intend to aid in bacterial activities. Moreover, the sticky substances like dates, biscuits, bread, caramel candies and more remain glued on your teeth and make it easier for the bacteria to degrade your teeth.

Good Lifestyle Habits Are Also Necessary

Besides avoiding food items, it is also clever to stay away from smoking. Coffee, tea, red wine and smoking can stain your teeth and make your oral appearance less alluring. Teeth whitening treatment is one amazing and safe side of dentistry, with which you can remarkably get back your natural looking teeth. One thing to be kept in mind invariably is that, smoking can also cause oral cancer spreading from the gums to your cheeks and lips.


On a general note, it is accurate to visit a dentist twice a year to keep yourself away from the mishap of dental issues. The dental experts with their knowledge and years of experience can easily trace early signs of tooth decay or gum disease.


Pregnant women can avail teeth whitening in Watford, North London to protect them from harmful oral disease. Besides, individuals undergoing chemotherapy, suffering from diabetes or HIV should consult with their dentists for the number of visits they require. This will help them to boost their smile and confidence with improved dental health.


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